Child Safety

One of the primary dangers associated with residential blind installations in the the home is the risk of strangulation from pull cords. In 2012, the child accident prevention trust reported three child deaths in the United Kingdom resulting directly from blind cords. We take the risk to children to very seriously and as such all of our blind installations are supplied with the appropriate safety measures. These safety devices ensure that there are no loose cords for children to get entangled in.

Please see the following video link on installing child safety devices: Child Safety video

Safety Devices

Our blind installations fully comply with all safety regulations to ensure the maximum possible levels of safety for all children in your home. Depending on the type of blind chosen, we will supply either a set of cord cleats fixed to the adjacent wall, cord tidys or chain-breaks. If installing blinds yourself, it is imperative that you install these safety devices and plan them into your installation project.

Blinds chain break child safety device

Chain Break

Blinds cleats safety device

Blind Cleats

Blinds mount child safety device

Blind Cleats