Motorised Blinds

Almost any blind combination you choose from us comes with the option of being motorised. There are numerous advantages in choosing a motorised blind configuration. The major benefit is the easy to use remote-controlled operation of these blinds. Because there is no longer a need for pull-cords, the resulting installation is beautifully uncluttered. Consequently, child safety concerns associated with pullcords are eliminated . There is no visual difference in choosing a motorised option, the blinds are battery powered with discreet sounding motors. Some models include automation options to allow automatic adjustment based on time of day or outside brightness.

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Motorised blinds give a clean appearance to any blind by removing cords

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Perfect Fit blinds eliminate the need for drilling

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How Can You Use Motorised Blinds to Transform Your Home

With today’s fast technological advancements comes a new level of convenience and freedom that human beings have never experienced before. And you can see it everywhere, from the smartphones that enable us to hold the entire world in the palm of our hands to flat-screen Smart TVs and clever appliances that are not only eco-friendly and super-efficient but also sleeker than the ‘futuristic’ gadgets that most of us read about in sci-fi literature growing up.

Not only that, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to bring a new era of complete home automation, where you will able to control every aspect of your home with the push of a button or the swipe of a finger, using an app on your tablet or smartphone.

The blinds, shutters and curtains industry is fast catching up on this trend, as evidenced by the emergence of motorised blinds. What’s great about motorised blinds is the fact that they’re marvelously stylish and practical as the modern-day blinds that you’re used to, but come with an added edge that allows you to further benefit from home automation. This amazing innovation allows homeowners to silently and effortlessly control their blinds with the swipe of a finger or the touch of a button, using a purpose-made remote or app to control the blinds.

Among the most obvious benefits of having motorised blinds is the fact that they simplify control of the blinds and give you bragging rights among your friends and neighbors, for taking the motorised home concept to another level. Apart from that, motorised blinds come with another added benefit, and that’s the fact that they make it easier to reach roof blinds and velux blinds, both of which are generally hard to reach and control.

This has made it more plausible for homeowners to install roller blinds in hard to reach places like velux windows that are located on top of a staircase, for example.  Plus, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that the blinds won’t come with any harmful chains or cords that small children could reach and play with, making motorised blinds a super safe option for homes with young kids.

Child safety and motorised blinds

Apart from child safety, motorised blinds also offer general safety in the sense that you can set them on a timer so that they open and close according to a pre-set schedule while you’re away from your house. This is similar to what most people already do with their lighting when they’re away, where they’ll set the lights in their home to switch on and off according to a particular schedule, to make it seem as though there’s someone in the house even when there’s no one around.

In a nutshell, motorised blinds are a new and exciting development in the world of home tech that promises to bring us greater convenience, safety, freedom and pleasure. They have no harmful cords that kids could entangle themselves in, and the remote control means that you can operate them no matter where you are, plus they’re available in irresistible styles to suit all types of décor arrangements.